The Best Things to Do In Portugal

There is no shortage of things to do in Portugal and our mission is to share the best of them with you on this site. To kick things off, let’s start with our top 6 things to do when you visit Portugal.

  1. Discover Portugal through its colorful culture – Life is lived between festivals in Portugal. Singing, especially Fado, and regional festivals that dot the annual calendar are cultural treats to experience while travelling throughout the country.

  2. Swim, walk or dive at Portugals Beaches – Portugal is home to some of Europe’s best beaches, Whether you stick to the famous Algarve Beaches or visit the islands of Madeira or the Azores, you won’t be disappointed. Miles and miles of golden sand, picturesque sand dunes, bluffs and cliffs, and turquoise waters are waiting for you to discover–but don’t tell anyone else!

  3. Eat as much as you can – a Mediterranean diet combined with the spices the Portuguese brought back from the New World and a brilliant dessert culture – Portugal could be what foodie heaven looks like! I dare you to only eat one custard tart in Lisbon! Don’t have a sweet tooth? The fresh seafood is fantastic. Be sure to try grilled sardines and salted codfish on your travels.

  4. Visit fairytale palaces and ancient castles – You can’t move in picturesque Sintra without tripping over a castle. Portugal’s long and narrow geography means a long shoreline to protect. You can explore palaces, fortresses, and castles for as long as your heart desires in this old country. Stay a while in the area and enjoy its fantastic hiking trails.

  5. Check out Portugals Islands – Whale watching, snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, hiking, and wine tasting are a heady combination of pleasures in Portugal’s Madeira Island and The Azores.

  6. Discover its UNESCO Heritage sites – There are 17 World Heritage Sites in Portugal, with another 19 waiting to join them on a tentative list. How many can you see on your visit?

  7. Explore its art and architecture – art is everywhere in Portugal, buildings, walls, and doors are a riot of colors decorated with tiles and mosaics. Street art can be found in Porto and Lagos and the tile museum in Porto is a must see for lovers of the decorative arts.

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