Beautiful and rugged islands in the Atlantic with close encounters of the wild kind.

Madeira is the most popular Portuguese island and welcomes over a million tourists a year. Funchal is the capital city of the island of Madeira, 100 km directly west of Lisbon.

Culture, food, wine, and history tours are all available in Funchal, but many travelers head out to the stunning east and west of Madeira to spend time in nature surrounded by wildlife. Madeira is a mecca for walkers, hikers, and runners. Water activities are very popular including dolphin and whale-watching.

The average time travelers spend in Madeira is between three days and one week and you will find the best Madeira itineraries on this page.

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Funchal is the beating heart of Madeira – bustling, noisy, and bursting with vibrant bars, nightclubs, and a wild outdoor art scene. It’s also a beautiful garden city with the botanical gardens and the tropical gardens of xxx giving the city an exotic holiday atmosphere.

Funchal is the first stop for most holidaymakers as flights and ferries come directly from the Portuguese mainland to Funchal. Its layout from the harbor to the hills above makes for a compact town that is easy to navigate.

Compared to the other major tourist cities of Portugal, Funchal is inexpensive and easy to get around. Accommodation in Funchal ranges from luxurious tropical-style resorts and hotels to unique private stays with some quality 3 and 4-star accommodation in the middle.

Buses and trams are everywhere and Funchal International Airport is only 30 km from the city center. Rental cars are a popular way to get around Funchal but there are both airport shuttle buses and transfer companies to get you from the airport to your hotel.

Madeiran wine is well known throughout the world and there are excellent wine experiences within easy reach of Funchal. In fact, wine tasting is one of the most popular half-day tours in the hills around Funchal.

Madeira is more than Funchal and a famous type of wine. It’s a hiking mecca, has astounding beaches and rock pools. Walks in both towns and western Madeira and as day trips bring thousands of tourists to Madeira every year, as do all kinds of adventure activities on and under the water.

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