Food Tours in Lisbon

There are some excellent food tours in Lisbon that are just perfect to do on your first day in the city so that you can discover a where to eat while you visit the Portuguese capital.

Want to taste the best food and drinks Lisbon has to offer? Listed below, you can read about some of the best food tours in Lisbon (amazingly, you can even call them cultural tours!), where you can satisfy your cravings for Portugal’s local cuisine, discover hidden culinary gems and even get to know more about the city of Lisbon.

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3-Hour Food and Wine Walking Tour in Lisbon

Enjoy this Lisbon gourmet walking tour, where you can taste delicious food and drink while you explore, as well as learn about the historical city center and best nightlife places, all while accompanied by a friendly, patient guide that will let you in all their tips for good wine, petiscos, food, and fado across Lisbon

Vintage bakery, Lisbon

You will learn about the rich culture behind long-standing cafés, restaurants, and tascas including 18th-century café Café Nicola, Manteigaria Silva, and the famous Casa do Alentejo.

Taste the delicious Portuguese local food and typical drinks while strolling around the city. On the tour you have the chance to try:

  • Chouriço (Pork sausage) and other typical hams
  • Bifana (bread with pork steak)
  • Codfish cake
  • São Jorge Cheese and some other local cheeses
  • Pasteis de Nata (Portuguese custard egg tart)
  • Port
  • Ginjinha (cherry liqueur)
  • Portuguese Wines
  • Beer
  • Bica (Lisbon’s local espresso)

Key Facts
📍 Lisbon – Rossio Square, close to the statue of D. Pedro IV (Meeting point)
🚶 Guided group walking drinks and food tours in Lisbon
🕞 3 hours
🌎 Languages: English, Español, Português

Things You Should Know

Licensed guides operate this tour and includes climbing hills, there are limited tastings for vegans, and they don’t offer hotel pickup. You can, however, book a private group if you wish.

Lisbon: 2.5 Hour Food Tour by Segway

Speeding up and down the streets on your Segway, explore Alfama, Bairro Alto, Downtown Baixa, and Mouraria. This tour offers a fun way to experience old neighborhoods thriving with culture and also takes your taste buds on a great tour.

See Praça do Comércio, the River Tejo, and a spectacular view over Lisbon as you make your way around the city tasting the best local food.

Pasteis de nata, Lisbon

Taste a variety of pastries and local food at typical bars and cafés including:

  • Smoked meats and cheeses
  • Bifana (bread with pork steak)
  • Pasteis de Nata (Portuguese custard egg tart)
  • Octopus Salad
  • Tinned Sardines
  • Porto/Ginjinha (cherry liqueur)/Portuguese Wines (available drinks may vary)
  • Bica (Lisbon’s local espresso)

Key Facts
📍 Lisbon – Rua dos Douradores 16, Baixa (Meeting point)
🛴 Guided group Segway drinks and food tours in Lisbon
🕞 3 hours
🌎 Languages: English, Português, Français, Deutsch

Things You Should Know

This tour may not suit vegans because of limited food choices. The Segway company does not allow pregnant women or children under 7 years of age to book the tour. You must weigh between 99.20 lbs-260 lbs (45kg-118kg) to join. They provide helmets and complimentary water, along with a complimentary poncho in wet weather.

3-Hour Food and Culture Walking Tour

A great selection of restaurants and an experienced guide make this a tour to remember. More than culinary delights, you will learn about traditional Portuguese food. It will take you on a food tour that will make you feel like you have turned back in time.

Popular Lisbon cafe

You will visit and learn about popular local restaurants and bars including Rua das Flores Tavern, Trindade Beerhouse, Casa do Alentejo and Confeitaria Nacional

You will taste Portuguese cuisine that is not just good food, it’s also part of the country and our traditions:.

  • Several fish (cod, tuna)
  • Iscas (made from pork liver)
  • Crumbly pasteis Lisboa
  • Octopus
  • Spat
  • Cod mixed with chickpeas
  • Traditional food from the south of the country
  • Drink: Ginjinha(cherry liqueur), Beer and Bica (Lisbon’s local espresso)

Key Facts
📍 Lisbon – Café A Brasileira, Rua Garret 120, Largo do Chiado (Meeting point)
🚶 Guided group walking drinks and food tours in Lisbon
🕞 3 hours
🌎 Languages: English, Español, Français, Deutsch

Things You Should Know

You get 4 tastings but most are not suitable for vegans. There is a lot of hilly terrains so this is best suited to people with no mobility impairments. The tour is offered twice a day.

Lisbon: Private 3-Hour Food and Wine Tour

If you want a tour more focused on local wines, then this one is for you. Savor traditional drinks, together with the opportunity to try Portugueses dishes in Portugal’s capital’s unique family restaurants, tascas, and local shops. The tour takes in Bairro Alto, Casa do Alentejo, Calçada do Duque and some Fado Houses. Learn the stories behind the places and foods of Lisbon.

Traditional small grocery store, Lisbon

This tour offers quality beverages alongside the food and allows you to enjoy many Lisbon experiences. Spend the day like Portuguese locals visiting grocery stores and traditional fish shops, great for tips if you are spending a few weeks in the country.

You will have the opportunity to taste

  • Codfish and green wine
  • Bifana (bread with pork steak) and a draft beer
  • Port, marmalade, and cheese
  • Ginjinha (cherry liqueur)
  • Spat
  • Red wine and bread with chouriço (pork sausage)

Key Facts
📍 Lisbon – Rossio Square (Praça do Rossio / Praça de D. Pedro IV), in front of the statue of Pedro IV, King of Portugal (Meeting point)
🚶 Guided group walking drinks and food tours in Lisbon
🕞 3 hours
🌎 Languages: English, Español

Things You Should Know

Food tastings may vary according to season, most dishes are not suitable for vegans. The hilly terrain is not suitable for people with mobility impairment.

Traditional Lisbon Food Tasting Experience

Far away from central Lisbon and the well-trod paths, welcome to Campo de Ourique. This food tour in Lisbon at the Mercado de Campo de Ourique is especially geared for the foodie. Here, a place daily frequented by the locals, you can find many of Portugal’s culinary treasures and I can guarantee that you will be tempted to buy food that isn’t included in the tour, so be prepared!

Mercado de Campo de Ourique

Sample typical Portugueses dishes in this completely refurbished marketplace, where the produce is fresh and the traditional dishes are varied:

  • Typical porco preto (Iberian black pork)
  • Grilled Tuna Steak
  • Best Chocolate Cake in the world
  • Pastel de Nata (Portuguese custard egg tart)
  • Roasted Almonds
  • Ginjinha(cherry liqueur)

This tour includes award winning foods, such as the chocolate cake, pastel de nata, and Ginjinha.

Key Facts
📍Lisbon – In front of the entrance of the “Igreja de Santo Condestável” church (Meeting point)
🚶Private walking drinks and food tours in Lisbon
🕞 3-4 hours
🌎 Languages: English, Español, Português, Deutsch

Things You Should Know

There is a serious focus on food on this tour and not as much on general sightseeing, making this perfect for serious foodies. You will do 14 tastings at 4 stops but do not include beverages. Most of the dishes are not suitable for vegans.

Lisbon: Local Market, Food, and Culture Tour

Spend the day like the locals, enjoying the slow, yet the pleasing rhythm of the city. Stroll about the beautiful calçada of Lisbon downtown and explore the country’s rich gastronomy by going to where many visitors go and for good reason! You will have many chances to stop and delight yourself with diverse food and drinks, all while you take in the beautiful city of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.

Dried salted cod (Bacalhau) in Lisbon supermarket

Get yourself conversing with the locals at some of their favorite stops for Portuguese cuisine, or maybe engage in light conversation at a quaint café.

  • Bica (Lisbon’s local espresso)
  • Pastel de Nata (Portuguese egg custard tart)
  • Grilled Sardines
  • Bifana (bread with pork steak)
  • Ginjinha (cherry liqueur)

Key Facts
📍Lisbon – Largo do Camões (near the statue) (Meeting point)
🚶Guided group walking drinks and food tours in Lisbon
🕞 3 hours
🌎 Languages: English, Español, Português

Things You Should Know

The tour can host a small group with a maximum of 12 people (private group available). A local guide will get you through the Lisbon City Center and nearby shops. This tour is not suitable for pregnant women and people with impaired mobility. It also includes Portuguese dishes, but most tastings are not for vegan diets.

So, which food tour should you choose?

We think the tours above are some of the best food tours in Lisbon, and we know it can be hard for you to choose one. To make things easier for you, we share our favorite tours for different travelers.