The Algarve

The Algarve

Coves and caves, fishing villages, and old town centers are strung along the emerald coastline of the Algarve region.

What makes the Algarve one of the most desirable summer holiday destinations in Europe? That’s easy – The emerald sea, dramatic rock formations, sea caves, long stretches of golden sand, the historic old town centers, and the soft light of sunrise and sunsets.

The average time travelers spend in the Algarve is between four days and two weeks and you will find the best Algarve itineraries on this page.


Portugal’s southern Atlantic Coast is as loud and exciting or as serene and relaxing as you’d like – you just need to choose where to stay depending upon the type of holiday you like.

The Algarve is fast becoming a European hotspot, something Brits have known for decades. It is a stunning coastal landscape and the perfect destination for every kind of water activity.

Holidaymakers return many times to the Algarve because of its natural beauty combined with its historic fishing villages and bustling restaurant and nightlife scenes.

Faro is the regional capital of the Algarve. Tourism infrastructure is very well developed and accommodation in the Algarve runs the gamut from luxury boutiques and resorts to glamping and camping.

The Algarve region is served by Faro Airport (which is sometimes called just Algarve Airport). It is a Ryanair hub. The next closest airports to the Algarve are Lisbon and Seville airports, about 200 miles away. Faro Airport is only 4 km west of Faro.

Rental cars are a popular way to get around the Algarve but there are both airport shuttle buses and transfer companies to get you from the airport to your hotel.

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Continue your holiday travels in Portugal. After the Algarve, the most popular destinations are Lisbon, Porto, and Sintra.