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Welcome to one of the world’s most magical cities with hidden tunnels and elven-like fortresses and gardens.

Sintra is part of the Greater Lisbon area and many visitors to Lisbon make the mistake of only taking a day trip to Sintra.

The average time travelers spend in Sintra is between one and three days and you will find the best Sintra itineraries on this page.

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The center of Sintra is called Sintra-Vila and it is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its castles, palaces, and mansions were built for Portuguese royalty. They have hidden tunnels, moss-draped stone stairways leading to Initiation Wells, and haunting and enchanting gardens and parks that can easily entertain you for several days. And that’s before you take advantage of the wonderful hiking opportunities in the Sintra de Serra hills or relax on the nearby beaches of the Atlantic Ocean.

One of Portugal’s finest gems, Sintra is a quick train trip from Lisbon and an easier city to navigate than the lively capital. Accommodation in Sintra ranges from luxurious spa resorts in pastel manor houses in the Sintra de Serra hills rising behind Sintra-Vila, to both grand hotels and contemporary boutiques in the center of the Old Town.

Walking tours, both guided, and DIY are popular as are hiking and biking tours. Rental cars are a popular way to get around Sintra but there are both airport shuttle buses and transfer companies to get you from the airport to your hotel.

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