Colorful, Tiled, Historic, Festive, Sardine, And Custard-Tart Obsessed – Come Join The All-Day And Night Party That Is Modern Lisboa.

If you’re visiting Portugal for more than a beach holiday, you’ll likely begin your trip in Lisbon. 

to Portugal’s other major cities like Porto and discover day trips to incredible sites like the Pena Palace in Sintra.

about Lisbon

Lisboa is casual, chic, old, friendly, and stately. That’s a lot to pack into one city. The views over the rooftops, the small restaurants, the bars, and the cobblestone streets leading to the sea remind you that this seafaring nation was once the largest Empire on the earth. And Lisbon was the center of this Empire.

When your pastel de nata is dusted with cinnamon or your perfectly grilled Piri Piri chicken uses chili that came from South America via Africa – that’s when you realize that this stately city was a global melting pot in the Age of Imperialism.

Now Lisbon is the gateway to the coastal and northern cities like Porto, Lagos, and Faro. It’s the hub for ferries from Madeira and the Azores. But don’t just use Lisboa as a gateway. Lose yourself in the twisting streets of the Alfama district where you’ll discover the most wondrous tiled buildings and painted doorways.

The number 28 tram

During the day, the winding alleyways spill into lovely plazas, the world-class museums (like the Berardo Museum), the wine bars, and casual restaurants make it easy to spend a week discovering Lisbon.

Have fun riding the trams up and down the hills of Lisbon. The Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Belem Tower, Discoveries Monument, Jardin Botanico, Castle of St. George, and Commerce Square are just a few of the sites of Lisbon to explore.

Street parties and laneways leading to the sea that are lined with bars are part of the Lisbon nightlife experience. And you can’t help but be moved by the melancholic strains of fado music. You can hear it in clubs, bars, universities, on the streets, and in tiny family-run restaurants. It is the anthem of working-class Lisbon and an experience you can’t leave Lisboa without experiencing.

Accommodation in Lisbon is for all budgets and includes the traditional and stately pousadas – historic houses you can stay in throughout the country. Luxury glamping is increasingly popular in Portugal, with new sites being added all the time.

Buses and trams are everywhere and Lisboa International Airport (LIS) is handily within the city limits. Rental cars and RVs are a popular way to get around Portugal, but in Lisbon, there are airport shuttle buses and transfer companies to get you from the airport to your hotel.

The average time travelers spend in Lisbon is between three days and one week, and you will find the best Lisbon itineraries on this page.

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Where to go next

Continue your holiday travels in Portugal. After Lisbon, the most popular destinations are Porto, Sintra, and the Algarve.